WHY would you choose our company

The competitive advantages of our company related with the recruitment process of non-EU personnel are:

1. Experience in recruitment

Our team has experience in recruiting staff from Asia and Africa, while having contacts with other recruitment agencies. We can easily manage your requirements by accurately identifying exactly the types of candidates that match your requirements.

Our company has connections with relevant agencies that help the candidate in obtaining the necessary documents.

We regularly update the CVs database of potential candidates.

2. Multiple services

We conduct preliminary activities for the interview. We conduct the initial interview so that you can talk to the best of the candidates.

Basic services include obtaining a visa, a residence permit and a work permit.

We also offer staff leasing services.

We offer an integration package that integrates social and professional candidates into the new work environment.

We cover all the formalities a candidate needs to fulfill for a job abroad. We guide the candidate to every step.

3. Low costs

With the volume we ensure, we can maintain low rates.

We are looking for the best deals (including flight tickets or medical insurance) for you to keep costs low.

4. Customer care

We work in RTD – Recruit – Train – Deploy

We help you at all stages of recruitment, being part of your HR department. This way you can focus on the more important aspects of the human resources department.