Advantages of Asian staff Asia

A great and quality workforce!

The Asian market offers a large pool of candidates with qualified and serious workers.

Increased productivity

Companies that have so far appealed to the workforce outside the European community, recognize the increased productivity, earnestness and availability of employees for extra work.

Questions and answers about non-EU personnel

What are the ways of working with foreign employees?

You can opt for both full time employment and a detachment contract (for a maximum period of 1 year).

What are the costs involved?

Any employer should consider:

  • Costs with different permits and documents needed to bring staff to the country.
  • Accommodation and meal costs. You have to take into account that you have to provide proper accomodation and 3 meals per day.
  • Airplane ticket cost. If the employee does not meet your expectations, you will also have to pay the return ticket to his / her home country.
  • Net wage offered. Depending on your offer, the interest of your employees in your offer may be higher or lower, which means you have more or fewer choices.
  • Agency commission. Because we have a large volume of employees brought into the country, we guarantee highly competitive commissions.

How long does the recruitment and entry in the country process take?

From the experience of our agency, the process takes up to 3 months, once the collaboration contract is signed and the recruitment process starts.