Covid-19 a schimbat intreaga lume. Nimic nu va mai fi cum a fost. Romania se asteapta la cel putin 1.5 milioane de someri in urmatoarele 3 luni. Daca esti si tu printre ei, te putem ajuta cu oportunitati de munca in strainatate. Vezi mai jos ce pozitii avem disponibile:

Locuri de munca disponibile

  1. Senior Metallurgy Specialist – Primary Metals & Foundry Alloy
  2. Senior Metallurgy Specialist – Rolled Products & Slabs
  3. Senior Metallurgy Specialist – Extrusion Products & Billets


  1. Minimum Bachelor Degree in Metallurgy or Material Science.
  2. Minimum 15 years experience in Aluminium Cast house with specific product knowledge of Foundry Alloy, Rolled Products or Extrusion Products
  3. Knowledge of AA, BS, European (EN), ANSI, DIN and ASTM standards and other Aluminium Industry Standards
  4. Knowledge and experience in implementing and maintaining ISO, QS and other related standards, Lean Six Sigma, Quality tools, Quant meter, XRF and XRD testing will be an advantage.

Experience Areas

  1. Familiarity with Aluminium business processes with good knowledge of the Smelter and Cast house production process. Knowledge with the SAP SD, Warehouse Management and supply chain management.
  2. Previous experience in a Product development role. Skills and experience in Market and Product strategy development and planning.
  3. Candidate should have highly professional negotiating and convincing skills while discussing the cost and efficiency related matters within Alba or outside customers/ vendors.

Experience Areas

  1. To provide technical support to Alba’s customers for Alba’s products, specifications and quality of the product.
  2. Ensure metallurgical analysis is conducted as per standards, quality standards, documentation, and calibrations are maintained in Metallurgical, Physical and Chemical Labs.
  3. Co-ordinate with production departments to ensure that customer quality & specification requirements and market demands are met.
  4. Coordinate development of Alloys, products, markets, and applications for Alba’s products with the help of Production, R& D, Marketing and potential customers. Extend technical service support to Alba’s customers to improve their productivity with Alba’s products and to ensure sustainable customer relations.
  5. Ensure that Customer gets prompt and accurate services desired by him by anticipating expectations, developing systems to meet those expectations, training and motivating employees to always be customer focus and monitoring the performance of employees and systems through continuous feedbacks and key service indicators.
  6. Monitor customer satisfaction for quality and technical support provided through regular feedbacks, surveys and analysis of customer critical performance data, prepare a plan to improve the satisfaction level and motivate employees to work towards customer delight.
  7. Ensure proper investigation of customer complaints is done and proper feedback, the settlement is given to the customer and actions are taken to ensure the same complaints are not repeated.